2015NBA fourth game third quarter report-Cavaliers lifted 12-2 counterattack Curry stable warriors _1

2015NBA fourth game third quarter report-Cavaliers lifted 12-2 counterattack Curry stable warriors
The Cavaliers faced the fourth game with the Warriors Finals at home. In the third quarter, the Warriors established a 15-point advantage. James led the Cavaliers to form a 12-2 counterattack, but Iguodala and Curry still led the Warriors to a 76-70 score.Section 3.James scored 20 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists on 7-of-20 shooting, Iguodala had 16 points and 7 rebounds, and Curry scored 15 points on 5-of-12 shooting.James beat Thompson after the second quarter, the Warriors had established a 15-point advantage.After entering the third quarter with a 54-42 score, the Warriors’ first offense once again demonstrated the ability of the small one to create a space fighter. Iguodala scored a three-pointer and opened the difference to 15 points.The Warriors have won all 56 games this season with at least a 15-point advantage, and the Cavaliers have become very unfavorable.  In the first half of the 3-pointer, Delavido lost 5 shots and came forward with two assists made by James.After James missed a long shot, Tristan Thompson controlled the offensive rebound to complete the dunk (microblogging), the Cavaliers narrowed the point difference to 9 points.However, JR Smith’s development to 1 of 6 shots still shows that the Cavaliers are not going well.Curry cut the jumper and then killed JR to take a free throw to increase the point, the Warriors 63-50 to consolidate the lead.JR is already a 4-offender.  James hit the camera in the second quarter, causing two big mouths.Before the second half, James revealed that it really hurt.But the problem of the Cavaliers’ continued backwardness must be resolved. James killed Iguodala after making 2 free throws. Mozgov and Chambert scored consecutive goals under his point dispatch.The Cavaliers’ momentum gradually improved, and Curry made mistakes one after another. James turned around to force a layup and then drew a dunk pass and dunk in the fast break. The Cavaliers formed a 12-2 counterattack and chased the score to 62-65.  After the Warriors paused, they created empty fighters by running fast, and Barnes shot into the long shot.While the Cavaliers continue to reflect the advantage of rebounding, Mozgov made up the ball after James missed the shot.The fierce confrontation rubbed the smell of gunpowder, and David Lee was intercepted by Tristan Thompson’s fierce foul action. After the two fell out of the court, there was a small movement friction. The referee hugged David Lee quickly to avoid escalation.  Iguodala once again embodies the role of a pillar, taking advantage of the misalignment opportunities formed by the rapid operation, Iguodala faced Mozgov to jump and catch the ball.Moments later, Iguodala rushed to the basket and caused James to foul.Before the end of the third quarter, Curry scored a three-pointer, James buzzer offense missed a long shot, the Warriors 76-70 lead to end the third quarter.(Sky fire)