[Is wolfberry nourishing yin or aphrodisiac]_ wolfberry _ effect _ efficacy

[Is wolfberry nourishing yin or aphrodisiac]_ wolfberry _ effect _ efficacy

Goji berries are no stranger to people, especially women.

But some people are still curious whether the Chinese wolfberry is nourishing yin or aphrodisiac.

In fact, there are many effects of wolfberry, just to say that wolfberry is more often used to nourish yin. For women, wolfberry has a better nourishing effect.


Chinese wolfberry nourishing yin Chinese wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicine that enhances the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs and nourishing kidneys.

For kidney and lung yin deficiency, there is a certain effect.

Guidance: This kind of general situation often needs to be combined with clinical specific situation judgment and compatibility application.

It can often be used in cases of yin deficiency.


One of the health effects of wolfberry is nourishing yin and eyesight and reducing liver fire.

People who often use computers are prone to tired eyes. Drinking with wolfberry water can nourish yin and eyesight.

In hot weather, drinking water can eliminate liver fire.

The second is to help sleep and improve physical fitness. The third is to drink Chinese wolfberry tea, which can enrich the righteousness, nourish qi and nourish blood, and also aphrodisiac. It is regarded as “fruit Viagra”.

The last point is why women like to soak water with wolfberry, that is, whitening and beauty, anti-aging.

This is because the beta-carotene content of wolfberry is higher than that of carrots, the vitamin C content is higher than that of oranges, and the iron content is higher than that of beef.

Natural beta-carotene is anti-aging, anti-cancer and prevents sun-damaged skin.

Therefore, women should often drink some wolfberry tea.


Drinking wolfberry tea has the taboo “Eat wolfberry all year round, people can live with heaven and earth.”

It shows that Chinese wolfberry can be eaten regularly in four seasons, and regular food can prolong life.

However, wolfberry, although good, is not suitable for everyone and has its own.

Chinese wolfberry “external evil is really hot, spleen deficiency and dampness and diarrhea are not to be taken”, “Yuan Yang Qi failure, Yin deficiency and smooth people with caution”.

That is, patients with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and inflammation and fever should not eat wolfberry in disorder, otherwise nourishment will not be achieved, but it will be detrimental to health.