Interview-Shougang New Aid Zhou Yixiang: Looking forward to Jeremy Lin’s positive energy to inspire the team

Interview | Shougang New Aid Zhou Yixiang: Looking forward to Jeremy Lin ‘s positive energy to inspire the team
Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team new aid Zhou Yixiang has been on the team for more than 20 days and is also adapting to Beijing’s life.Today, he was interviewed by the sauna and Yewang. He chatted about the training and daily activities of the Shougang team, and expressed his expectation that Jeremy Lin ‘s positive energy can inspire the team.Preliminary integration of the team On August 24, Shougang Basketball Club announced the loan of Zhou Yixiang from Nanjing Tongxi Team.The next day, he flew to Beijing for medical examinations.On August 26th, the Shougang forces returned from the United States, Zhou Yixiang officially joined the team to start joint training.Zhou Yixiang has been practicing with the team for more than 20 days.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang She Shougang team has great training intensity during the offseason, and the entire CBA is famous. Zhou Yixiang has already experienced it when he first arrived, but he also thinks that there is nothing disappointing as a professional player.of.”After more than 20 days, he has adapted to the rhythm of the Shougang team.”The teammates helped me a lot on the court and helped me better merge the team.The team’s tactics, how is everyone’s situation, they are very willing to tell me.”Head coach Yanis will use the rest time of the national team to prepare for the return to the Shougang team, often come and go, Zhou Yixiang has not had the opportunity to communicate with the Greeks alone.But in the training class, he got a point from the coach.”He often tells me what needs to be done, certain defenses, and the timing of shooting.”The coaching staff’s positioning of Zhou Yixiang is” pitcher and defensive player “, and Zhou Yixiang laughed at himself as a” functional player “, which is often called a” role player. “With the deeper understanding of the Shougang men’s basketball system, he also knew how to play a role in the system.”The coach will let me do whatever I want.I can cut in, pass the ball, or defend, depending on what the team needs from me.”Don’t be afraid of guard competition Zhou Yixiang knew about the news that he might join the Shougang team in early July.” In fact, I’m quite happy.He played twice last season and was impressed by the teamwork and defensive hardness of the Beijing team. Everyone is determined to move in the same direction.”After arriving at the team, he was even more well-known for the unity and mutual encouragement of the team during training.Zhou Yixiang has to face fierce competition.Sauna, video recording by Wu Jiang at Night Net, Fang Shuo and Liu Xiaoyu on the back line of Shougang, Lin Shuhao’s joining is even more highly anticipated, which also means that Zhou Yixiang wants to improve more playing time and will face fierce competition.In doing so, he showed a positive mentality, “Everyone has their own characteristics. My characteristic is that they can motivate teammates on the defensive end and make the team’s offense more fluid.I personally belong to the kind of offense and shooting.”Moreover, in his opinion, being a teammate with Jeremy Lin is a very good experience.”When I was in the first or second year of college, I participated in a training camp in Taiwan, played with Jeremy Lin, and later participated in his training camp.”Zhou Yixiang said,” I dare not say what his ball skills can bring, but his positive energy will definitely bring to all players, let everyone exert their energy on the field, we will follow him to fight together.”Looking forward to a full-scale outbreak in playing in Taiwan, Zhou Yixiang was labeled” Taiwan LeBron “for his good physical fitness and strong confrontation ability.In 2017, he participated in the CBA draft and was sampled by the Nanjing Tongxi team.CBA’s “Rookie Season”, Zhou Yixiang averaged only 3.5 points.Last season, he was loaned to the Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team. Zhou Yixiang’s outside shooting rate has improved significantly, and he was arranged to defend the opponent’s small foreign aid.Zhou Yixiang gradually found a feeling in Xinjiang men’s basketball last season.Figure / Osports two years of CBA made Zhou Yixiang realize that it is not easy to stand on a higher platform.Now when I refer to “Taiwan LeBron”, he is somewhat embarrassed. “Everyone called me like this when I first came here, and slowly I will find my shortcomings.”CBA’s confrontation is more intense, and it is not as easy to exert physical advantages as playing in Taiwan. The players here are actually very good physical fitness, which will also inspire me to work harder.”In the third year of CBA, Zhou Yixiang came to the third team.In the Xinjiang team last season, he has gradually touched the doorway and feels slowly getting better.After receiving the “olive branch” from the Shougang team, Zhou Yixiang started to do his homework early, hoping to get the opportunity to give full play to his own characteristics.”After knowing that I want to come to Beijing, I studied some of the team’s games and knew that I need to change some ways of handling the ball.The Beijing team catches the ball and the pass is very fast. I need to strengthen it in this regard.”At the same time, he hopes to continue to maintain the characteristics of high shooting percentage and good fitness,” this year hopes to maintain the good side and bring it to the Beijing team.”Don’t eat roast duck Zhou Yixiang’s homework during the season, including understanding the unwritten habits of the Shougang team.”Actually, I like roast duck quite a bit, but I heard that I should never eat it before the season.”Zhou Yixiang hopes to be included in Beijing’s capital city.Sauna, Ye Wang Wujiang She Zhou Yixiang has been accustomed to placing and changing places, and is also happy to feel the local life. You can taste local food and have a stroll around.”I like to visit some scenic spots. When I first came to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City turned around. If I have more time in the future, I hope to climb the Great Wall once.”When he came to Beijing to play away with the team, he thought of taking a look everywhere, but time permits.I can settle down this year and feel the life of the metropolis. Zhou Yixiang very much hopes to be able to integrate into Beijing as if he were integrated into the team.”Except for the dry weather, you need to apply more moisturizing milk when you go out, everything else is fine.”Zhou Yixiang considers himself introverted and gets along slowly with his teammates.”I haven’t been able to take the initiative to communicate with my teammates, but now I will.Although they have been aligned before, they do not know.After coming, my teammates will come to communicate with me to help me adapt to the team and some things in life.After Zhou Yixiang joined, Shougang Men’s Basketball’s “Daddy Legion” also added new members.However, unlike his teammates who set up in Beijing, he can often see his wife and children and can only rely on video calls to solve the lovesickness.With multiple identities, Zhou Yixiang also has more responsibilities on his shoulders, “The sense of responsibility is larger than before, and we must work harder for our family.”” Sauna, Ye Chen Liu Yun editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Wang Xin