What is the reason for Ronaldo and Elena breaking up? The woman is in love with the strong man Johnson (picture)_1

What is the reason for Ronaldo and Elena breaking up? The woman is in love with the strong man Johnson (photo)
Cristiano Ronaldo officially confirmed that he has ended the relationship with his girlfriend Elena, and wish each other happiness.According to foreign media, the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo parted ways with the Russian supermodel is that it is difficult to tell the truth: Jelena empathizes in love and wears a green hat to Cristiano Ronaldo.Elena and Johnson filmed together with Johnson to make a spark?  British “101greatgoals” revealed that Jelena’s gossip lover is a famous Hollywood star Boulder Johnson. The two of them jointly participated in the shooting of the Greek mythology alternative movie “Hercules: The Battle of Thrace” in 2014. Johnson is a maleOn the 1st, starred in Hercules, and Elena was invited to participate in the role as Megara’s wife Megara.In the ear-grinding of the set, Elena and Johnson rubbed out emotional sparks and embarked on a path of empathy.  Boulder Johnson is a famous muscular man in Hollywood. In his early years, he was a star of the American Wrestling Major League. After entering the entertainment circle, he quickly became popular and became a first-line actor in Hollywood action movies.Ronaldo’s proud muscles and figure can only be said to be pediatrics in front of Johnson.In the breakup statement, Ronaldo did not reveal the reason: My relationship with Elena came to an end.We believe that breaking up is the best option for both of us.In fact, Ronaldo’s mother has always opposed the relationship between her son and Jelena. She believes that Russian supermodels are not the kind of women who care about the family. They always float outside. In the entertainment industry, the fashion industry is also easy to have trouble.  However, the rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo was wearing a cuckold was just speculation, and it is said that Cristiano Ronaldo carried an affair with Elena and the female reporter of Real Madrid TV, causing the relationship between the two to break.And these two claims are true, it is already difficult to distinguish.(Li Puli) Extended reading: Ronaldo’s official statement confirms that she broke up with Elena: Wish her gradual happiness Ronaldo’s new girlfriend doubts exposed 26-year-old female anchor Lucia accompanied Ronaldo to receive the Golden Globe Award (picture)