WCBA All-Star Game Chinese Women’s Kobe Ji Yanyan won the MVP in the North District

WCBA All-Star Game “Chinese Women’s Kobe” Ji Yanyan led the North to win the MVP
On the evening of the 21st, with the whistle of the referee, the 2016-2017 season WCBA All-Star Game kicked off in Daqing, China.WCBA’s top stars, such as the main women’s basketball team in the United States, Chinese women’s Kobe Ji Yanyan, and the Chinese women’s basketball first beauty Zhao Shuang, gathered in northern China to present wonderful games for Chinese fans.The picture is Ji Yanyan, the most valuable player of the WCBA All-Star Game and known as the Chinese female Kobe. As the most influential women’s basketball professional league in China, WCBA was founded in 2002.After nearly 20 years of development, WCBA has not only witnessed the professional development of Chinese women’s sports, but also improved the level of Chinese competitive sports.  In recent years, with the addition of high-level international foreign aid such as WNBA top pick Maya Moore and the US national team’s main force, WCBA has become a sports event that has attracted international attention.WCBA is not only the highest palace in the minds of Chinese female basketball players, but also high-level female basketball players from Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries are also involved. WCBA is expanding its international influence.  As the essence of WCBA, the All-Star Game will naturally become the focus of fans.In this All-Star Game, under the leadership of Chinese female Kobe Ji Yanyan, the North Star team finally won 116:110. Ji Yanyan won the MVP of the All-Star Game with the highest score of 31 points.Further reading: January 22nd WCBA All-Stars North District vs South District full game video recording